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Marijuana real estate for cultivation for sale in Michigan

Idon’t know about you, but I want to become the owner of one of the most prolific marijuana properties in metro Detroit. I am destined to leave my very own Detroit legacy in the industry. But, before I can even think about dominating this business, I need to research some marijuana real estate for cultivation in Michigan. And the best place to do that is on wellrootedrealestate.com, but I’m sure you already know that.

It’s fairly common knowledge that wellrootedrealestate.com is responsible for creating a Detroit legacy of their very own, especially when it comes to marijuana properties in metro Detroit. So, if you are curious about learning about marijuana real estate for cultivation in Michigan, that is the one and only place on the entire internet that you’ll find all the useful information about cannabis that you will ever need.

I am expressing this albeit obvious information to the masses solely because I wish someone had told me to look there for information. Because, to be honest, I went about my early days in the cannabis industry extremely wrong. I know, it’s hard for some to admit when they are wrong, but trust me, I don’t think I made a correct decision for the first few years in the industry. And, while I do take a majority of the blame, I’d say that most of the fault also rests on the shoulder of my former business partner, Kyle.

Detroit legacy

Kyle was a good guy. He really was. We had grown up together in the same town, went to the same schools, played the same sports, and whatnot. In short, we are just good friends with a plethora of things in common. We were like-minded and rarely argued about things, however, all that changed when we decided to open up our own dispensary years ago.

When we first started, everything was going super smoothly. I was in charge of the interior design and purchasing of the real estate, and Kyle was in charge of marketing and vendor relationships. He was a bit more social than me, so this was a perfect fit. Especially, because I had just graduated with a major in Architecture and Interior Design from NYU. I was ready to take on my first major project, and the fact that the success of my business depended on my expertise served as only more motivation for me to do my best.

And, not to toot my own horn or anything, but it came out fantastic. I had accomplished the goal of creating a peaceful, welcoming showroom, complete with a mellow, friendly lounge. We had a perfect piece of real estate just a stone’s throw away from the local college. And, from the looks of it, Kyle was doing a great job generating buzz, because we kept hearing pedestrians whisper about how excited they were for us to open up.

Well, cut to a few months later to our opening day. Wow. What a day that was. 

There was a line around the block waiting for us as we approached to open the storefront around 10 am. We truly couldn’t believe it. Everything went as good as it possibly could have gone. So good, in fact, that we sold out of our entire stock by the afternoon. That’s right. Completely bone dry.

Marijuana properties for sale in metro Detroit

Iwas happy for the business, but I looked at Kyle to see when the next shipment was due to arrive. He looked at me like I was crazy. He hadn’t done anything to plan for the future. He just made a couple of deals with vendors, and never made any plans for re-upping our orders. In fact, he had left things on a pretty bad note with most of them because he felt like he was getting ripped off. But, once I looked at the invoices, we had actually gotten a deal.

This back and forth continued for far too long before we decided to go our separate ways. That’s why I’m constantly on wellrootedrealestate.com to research marijuana properties in metro Detroit and marijuana real estate for cultivation in Michigan, so I can become my own Detroit legacy. And, with that sort of information and knowledge, I’m sure to become successful in no time!


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