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Getting your hands on a Michigan Grower’s License isn’t as easy as you may think it is. To be completely honest, getting a Michigan marijuana license of any kind is tremendously difficult. The seemingly never-ending series of hoops and legal red tape that needs to be cleared, in order to even be considered for one of these coveted licenses, is a task in itself.

But, just because it’s a bit tricky to get a Michigan Grower’s License, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. You just need to know how to go about the process in a proper, efficient fashion, and before you know it, you’ll be completely approved and ready to move onward with your aspirations in the cannabis industry.

In order to apply for a Michigan Commercial Grow License, there are a few things that need to be done preemptively, but they are more tedious than they are difficult to complete.

Get A Cannabis Commercial Grow License In Michigan With These Simple Steps

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For example, before you even consider applying for one of these sought-after government approvals for a commercial grow in Michigan, you have to thoroughly schmooze your local city council. These lawmakers are going to be the first hurdle (of many) that you will need to clear in order to even be considered for a license. So, if you maintain a good standing with them, there’s no reason that they would deny you.

Now, of course, you should be abundantly polite and kind to these people. Not just because they hold the power to deny your cannabis dreams, but because that’s just the right thing to do as a human being. In addition to showcasing great manners and patience, you should prove to them that you know about the ins and outs of the marijuana industry. The more business acumen you display, the more confidence they will inherently have in you, and your dreams of obtaining a cannabis commercial grow license in the great state of Michigan will become one step closer to becoming a reality.

Anybody who, in essence, proves that they know what they’re doing in the marijuana industry, will remove any subsequent doubt that may be lingering in the subconscious of these city council members. They would start to see this applicant as a professional in the realm of cannabis, and that level of confidence would eliminate worries of their endorsement being a gamble. In theory, your expertise would make your petition for a commercial grow license seem like a “safe” bet, and they should, if everything goes according to plan, approve your application without much hassle.

However, you need to be honest with yourself in this regard. If you feel like you maintain an impressive level of knowledge about the cannabis industry, then by all means, proceed onward as planned.

But, if you feel like you could benefit from the tutelage of a professional before tackling this part of the process, you should employ the services of a cannabis consultant to help guide you along the way. It’s all about knowledge in the cannabis industry, where the old adage, “the more you know – the better,” rings true in every sense of the word. So, if you need a little help, don’t be too embarrassed to ask for it. It could very well be the thing that makes or breaks your dreams of entering the marijuana industry.

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Just so you know, if everything goes well, and these "powers that be" in the city council approve your initial application, they will want to see a proven business model that you plan on implementing for your grow operation.

Also, you need to come with solid financial figures. If you can prove that you have enough money in your budget to create and sustain that approved business plan for at least two years, you should be good to go. Anything less than that will prove to be an uphill battle for those who are desperate for a license of this nature.

Obviously, it should go without saying that various forms of paperwork and background checks will need to take place before anything is set in stone. But, that’s just how government procedures go, regardless of the industry – so, it’s important to practice patience and diligence. If these governing bodies require a form or signature, the quicker you get it to them, the quicker the whole process will be. But, even if you’re right there when they need you, the process will likely take some time to get approved, no matter what.

Another vital aspect to consider when going through this complicated application process is the city, town, and/or municipality where you are choosing to have your grow operation. You should keep tabs on how many marijuana facilities are in a certain town, and be sure to keep your ear to the ground for any gossip surrounding one region or another. Some areas are more apt to allow businesses of this nature to open up within their borders, but there are just as many (if not more) who will vehemently oppose it. So, do your homework on these potential areas to have a more informed approach towards the application process before moving forward.

Also, a quick note, if you have any previous convictions or connections to the “black market” of cannabis, you will be immediately disqualified. The same goes for applicants who haven’t lived in Michigan for at least two years. So, if you fail to meet those two critical categories of criteria, you may not even want to waste your time on an application. Conversely, if you are clean, and have lived in Michigan for well over two years, you stand a better chance at getting approved.

Even if everything goes well, and you get approved, after jumping through all of those legislative hoops, it’ll still take roughly a year or so before you can get your commercial grow off the ground. But, once you do, you stand to earn anywhere between $50k-$1 Million+ in annual revenue. It all depends on your business model and connections in the industry.

In closing, the official wording detailing a Marihuana Growing Operation license in Michigan is as follows: “A commercial entity located in this state that cultivates marihuana and that distributes marihuana to a licensed processor or licensed provisioning center.”

Notice the unique spelling there? That’s purely in reference to how the federal government spelled the word, back in their archaic days of prohibition. They used an “h” all those years ago, and wanting to make sure to mimic the official wording of cannabis on a governmental level, Michigan chose to keep it old school with their spelling. So, if you notice this during the application process, you’ll now know that it’s not a typo – just a reference to cannabis history.

Now that you’re armed with all of this knowledge, you should feel confident enough to proceed onward with your cannabis commercial grow license in Michigan. Again, these are difficult to come by, but if you follow the rules and make all the right moves, you should get your official approval without any issues.

Good luck, my fellow enthusiasts!